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List of active participants

List of participants will be updated frequently to provide up-to-date overview of all conference participants and the state of the review process of their abstracts.

EasyChair ID Participant name University Tile of contribution Abstract accepted Review Payment received PhD competition
2 Tureckova Kamila Silesian University in Opava Concept of Income Inequality Gap yes yes yes no
3 Kapounek Svatopluk Mendel University in Brno Stock Market Sentiment Indicators: Evidence from Fat Data yes no no
4 Kaňka Miloš University of Economics in Prague One method for segmented construction of planar B-spline curves yes no no
5 Piasecki Krzysztof Poznań University of Economics and Business Expected return rate determined as oriented fuzzy number yes yes yes no
6 Siwek Joanna Poznań University of Economics and Business Multiple asset portfolio with present value given as a discrete fuzzy number yes yes yes yes
7 Formanek Tomas University of Economics in Prague On the stability of spatial panel data models, with application to regional unemployment yes yes yes no
8 Horniaček Milan Comenius University in Bratislava Critical Period Method for Approximate Solution of a Discrete Discounted Stochastic Program yes yes yes no
9 Kristoufek Ladislav Czech Academy of Sciences Herding, minority game, market clearing and efficient markets in a simple spin model framework yes yes yes no
10 Pechrová Marie Czech Academy of Sciences Modelling the Development of the Consumer Price of Sugar yes yes yes no
11 Čížek Ondřej University of Economics in Prague Unemployment dynamics in Spain yes yes yes no
12 Žižka Miroslav Technical University of Liberec Use of Malmquist Index in Evaluating Performance of Companies in Cluster yes yes yes no
13 Aleš Kocourek Technical University of Liberec Spatial Modelling of Nominal and Real Net Disposable Household Incomes in the Czech Republic Regions LAU1 yes yes yes no
14 Anna Lyczkowska-Hanckowiak Poznan University of Economics Behavioural Present Value detrmined by ordered fuzzy number yes no yes no
15 Marek Kvet University of Žilina - University Science Park Struggle with Curse of Dimensionality in Robust Emergency System Design yes yes yes no
16 Van Quang Tran Universoty of Economics, Prague Inflation targeting and variability of money market interest rates under a zero lower bound yes yes yes no
17 Helena Myšková Technical University of Košice Interval Max-min Matrix Equations with Bounded Solution yes yes yes no
18 Adam Borovička University of Economics, Prague Selection of the suitable building savings in the Czech Republic using multicriteria evaluation method yes yes yes no
19 Petr Berka University of Economics, Prague Fuzzy Discretization for Data Mining yes yes yes no
20 Ondřej Šimpach University of Economics, Prague User versus Automatic Selection of Models in Actuarial Demographics: the Impact on the Expected Development of the Probability of Death in the Czech Republic yes yes yes no
21 Josef Košťálek CVUT in Prag Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, department of Management and Economics Verifying the authenticity of the accounting data using the Benford's algorithm yes no no
22 Jaroslav Sixta University of Economics, Prague Estimates of Regional Flows of Manufacturing Products in the Czech Republic yes yes yes no
23 Petr Volf UTIA AV ČR Analysis of Truncated Data with Application to the Operational Risk Estimation yes yes yes no
24 Jaromir Kukal FNSPE CTU in Prague Multidimensional Alpha Stable Distribution in Model Parameter Estimation yes yes yes no
25 Zuzana Kučerová VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics The Role of Credit Standards as an Indicator of the Supply of Credit yes yes yes no
26 Nikola Kaspříková University of Economics, Prague EWMA Based AOQL Variables Sampling Plans and Cost Models yes yes yes no
27 Pavla Kotatkova Stranska Czech Technical University in Prague Formulate dynamic model as a tool for determining the percentage of municipalities in the revenues from shared taxes yes no no
28 Radomír Perzina Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karvina Generalized Dynamic Simulation Model of Rating Alternatives by Agents with Interactions yes yes yes no
29 Simona Hašková The Institute of Technology and Business Contribution to Economic Efficiency Evaluation of Projects in Terms of Uncertainty yes yes yes no
30 Vaclava Pankova University of Economics, Prague Exchange rate and economic growth in Czech Republic. yes yes yes no
31 Jakub Chalmovianský Masaryk University Investigating the Impact of a Minimum Wage Using a Small DSGE Model with Labour Market Segmentation yes yes yes yes
32 Ladislav Lukáš University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Entropy Based Measures Used in Operation Complexity Analysis of Supplier-Customer Systems yes yes yes no
33 Iva Krejčová University of Economics, Prague Avoiding overfitting of models: an application to market research data yes yes yes no
34 Jan Kalina Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences Robust Regression Estimators: A Comparison of Prediction Performance yes yes yes no
35 Zlatica Konôpková Masaryk University Consumption taxes in Australia: A DSGE approach yes yes yes yes
36 Ivana Olivková VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava The Application of the Multi-criteria Decision Making Methods in the Transport yes no no
37 Ladislav Lukáš University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Correlation Structure of Underlying Assets Affecting Multi-asset European Option Price yes yes yes no
38 Ladislav Lukáš University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Early Exercise Premium and Boundary in American Option Pricing Problem yes yes yes no
39 Martin Petříček The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague The Sensitivity Curve of Multiple-criteria Decision-making Process yes no no
40 Diana Bílková University of Economics, Prague; Wages in the Czech Regions: Comparison and Wage Distribution Models no no no no
41 Josef Jablonsky University of Economics, Prague Benchmarking of countries at Summer Olympic Games using two-stage DEA models yes yes yes no
42 Jan Bartoška Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague A SEMANTIC MODEL OF PROJECTS yes no yes no
43 Jaroslav Zbranek University of Economics in Prague The Impact of Statistical Standards on Input-Output Analysis yes yes yes no
44 Tomasz Żądło University of Economics in Katowice, On measuring accuracy in claim frequency prediction yes yes yes no
45 Jan Pelikan University of Economics Prague A truck loading problem yes yes yes no
46 Dana Černá Technical University of Liberec Wavelet Method for Pricing Options with Stochastic Volatility yes yes yes no
47 Jana Talašová Palacký University Olomouc Mathematical support for human resource management at universities yes yes yes no
48 Karel Sladký Risk-Sensitive Optimality in Markov Games Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR yes yes yes no
49 Karol Szomolányi University of Economics of Bratislava Estimate of the Slovak Economy Normalised CES Production Function Parameters yes yes yes no
50 Martin Dlouhy University of Economics Prague A DEA-Based Inequality Measure: Application to Allocation of Health Resources yes yes yes no
51 Robert Hlavatý Czech University of Life Sciences Robust Optimization Approach in Transportation Problem yes yes yes no
52 Tomáš Cipra Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics On Comparing Prediction Accuracy of Various EWMA Model Estimators yes yes yes no
53 Tomasz Stachurski University of Economics in Katowice On the impact of correlation between variables on the accuracy of calibration estimators yes yes yes no
54 Ján Plavka Technical University, Slovakia Efficient algorithms for X-simplicity of fuzzy matrices no no no no
55 Elena Mielcova University in Opava, School of Business administration in Karviná Expected Coalition Influence under I-Fuzzy Setting: The Case of the Czech Parliament yes yes yes no
56 Eleonora Fendekova University of Economics, Bratislava Models of Equilibrium on Network Industries Market in Context of Influence of Regulated Prices in Slovakia yes yes yes no
57 Igor Krejčí Czech University of Life Sciences Prague The role of subsidies in investment dynamics in agriculture yes no no
58 František Koblasa Technical University of Liberec Three-dimensional Bin Packing Problem with heterogeneous batch constraints. yes yes yes no
59 Petr Fiala University of Economics, Prague Game theory models of co-opetition yes yes no
60 Tomáš Tichý VSB-TU Ostrava Subordinating Lévy processes and the measure of market activity yes yes yes no
61 Jiří Málek University of Economics, Prague Evaluating the riskiness of hedging strategy with gold and US dollar yes yes yes no
62 Vladimír Holý University of Economics, Prague Combining Estimates of Industry Production with the Structure of Input-Output Table yes yes yes no
63 Tomasz Żądło University of Economics in Katowice Implementation of permutation tests in research of problematic use of the Internet by young people yes yes yes no
64 Michal Dorda VSB - TU Ostrava Transportation Problem Model Supplemented with Optimization of Vehicle Deadheading and Single Depot Parking yes yes yes no
65 Radmila Stoklasová Silesian University, School of Business Administartion Macroeconomic modelling using cointegration vector autoregression yes yes yes no
66 Michal Vrabec University of Economics, Prague Achilles and the Tortoise - the story of the minimum wage yes yes yes no
67 Dana Nejedlova Technical University of Liberec Assessment of the Impact of Traffic Police Preventive Interventions yes yes yes no
68 Andrzej Wójcik Univercity of Economics in Katowice The level of implementation of Europe 2020 Strategy headline areas in European Union countries yes yes yes no
69 Natálie Pelloneová Technical University of Liberec Competitiveness Evaluation of Czech Republic Regions with Data Envelopment Analysis yes yes yes no
70 Michal Pieter University of Economics, Prague Use of Multi-criteria Decision Analysis in fuzzy Network DEA models yes yes yes yes
71 Monika Molnárová Technical University of Košice Robustness of interval Monge matrices in max-min algebra yes yes yes no
72 Pekasiewicz Dorota University of Lodz Application of measures based on quantiles to the analysis of income inequality and poverty in Poland by socio-economic group yes yes yes no
73 Lucie Vachova University of Economics, Prague Identification of Causal Effect in semi-Markovian Model On Example of Economic Model yes no yes no
74 Noureddine Kouaissah Università degli studi di Bergamo Optimal choices among ethic assets of the Italian market yes yes yes no
75 Jakub Bechný Masaryk University A Medium-scale DSGE Model with Labour Market Frictions yes yes yes no
76 Barbora Šicková University of Economics, Prague Long steps in IPM and L1-regression yes yes yes no
77 Tomas Spousta University of Economics, Prague Future performance of mean-risk optimised portfolios: an empirical study of exchange traded funds yes yes yes no
78 Michał Dominik Stasiak Poznań University of Economics and Business Wave relations of exchange rates in binary-temporal representation yes yes yes no
79 Tomasz Nawrocki Silesian University of Technology The concept of an enterprise fundamental strength assessment model based on fuzzy logic yes no no
80 Jana Sekničková University of Economics, Prague Data Envelopment Analysis of the Renewable Energy Sources yes yes yes no
81 Vladimír Přibyl University of Economics, Prague Particular Economy of Scale Problem in Transportation Management yes no yes no
82 Vladimír Přibyl University of Economics, Prague Tradeoff between Economic and Social Sustainability yes yes yes no
83 Frantisek Zapletal VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Multiple Suppliers Selection using the PROMETHEE V Method yes yes yes no
84 Robert Hlavatý CULS An alternative approach to securing consistency of pairwise comparisons yes no yes no
85 Jiří Hozman Technical University of Liberec The valuation of discretely sampled European lookback options: a DG approach yes yes yes no
86 Alžběta Zíková Metropolitan University Prague Estimation of Input-Output Tables Using RAS and Cross Entropy Methods yes no no
87 Tommaso Lando University of Bergamo Weak Orders for Intersecting Lorenz Curves: Empirical Analysis of income distribution in the EU-28 yes yes yes no
88 Petr Jiříček College of Polytechnics Jihlava Investment projects threshold value simulation yes yes yes no
89 Ludvík Friebel University of South Bohemia Stochastic modelling of provisions in company providing loans yes no no
90 Ivan Foltýn ÚZEI Praha Mathematical proof of statistical representativeness of cost survey of agricultural economic results using models RENT-4 and SZU-P1 yes no no
91 Eva Klejmová Czech Republic Brno University of Technology Wavelet Co-movement Significance Testing with Respect to Gaussian White Noise Background yes no no
92 Ladislava Issever Grochová Mendel University in Brno Pseudomedian in robustification of Jarque-Bera test of normality yes yes yes no
93 Martin Dlask Czech Technical University in Prague Correlation Dimension as a Measure of Stock Market Variability yes yes yes no
94 Krzysztof Echaust Poznan University of Economics and Business Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Truncated Distributions – The Empirical Study yes yes yes no
95 Katarzyna Zeug-Żebro University of Economics in Katowice The efficiency of stocks investment strategy with the use of chosen measures of deterministic chaos to building optimal portfolios yes yes yes no
96 Vera Pelantova Technical University of Liberec The Optimization of Processes in the Organisation yes no no
97 Katarzyna Zeug-Żebro University of Economics in Katowice Spatial analysis of the population aging phenomena in European Union yes yes yes no
98 Kvetoslava Surmanová University of Economics, Bratislava The dynamic aspects of income in terms of consumption function in EU countries yes yes no
99 Štefan Peško University of Žilina Transit coordination in bus-railway networks yes yes yes no
100 Petr Suchánek Silesian University in Opava Evaluation of the Order Partitioning Method in the Logistic Manufacturing System yes no no
101 Petr Kozel VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Transformation of task to locate a minimal Hamiltonian circuit into the problem of finding the Eulerian path in vehicle routing application yes yes yes no
102 Helena Brožová Czech University of Life Sciences Modelling synergy of the complexity and criticalness factors in the Project management yes yes yes no
103 Milan Svoboda University of West Bohemia Using of Markov chains with varying state space for predicting short-term of the share price movements yes yes yes no
104 Jakub Kovar VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Usage of Dynamical Simulation in Production Systems Design yes no no
105 Veronika Frajtová Czech University of Life Sciences AHP and ANP analysis and selection of appropriate management methods yes yes yes no
106 Jan Černý University of Economics, Prague Objective Criterion of Student Satisfaction yes no yes no
107 Martin Branda Charles University A stochastic–integer programming approach to tactical fixed interval scheduling problems yes yes yes no
108 Aleš Kresta VSB-TU Ostrava Comparison of selected DEA approaches for market risk models evaluation yes yes yes no
109 Haochen Guo VSB-TU Ostrava Hedging Portfolio Risk Management with Value at Risk yes no no
110 Anna Černá University of Economics, Prague New Applications and Modified Models of Discrete Dynamic Programming yes no no
111 Aleksandra Baszczyńska University of Łódź, Faculty of Economics and Socjology Generalized form of harmonic mean in choosing the optimal value of smoothing parameter in kernel density estimation yes yes yes no
112 Petra Vašaničová Faculty of Management, University of Presov On Modelling of the Development of Turnover in Services in Slovak Republic: Tourism Approach yes yes yes no
113 Vlastimil Reichel Masaryk University The housing market and transmission mechanism of monetary policy in Czech economy yes no no
114 Anna Černá University of Economics Prague, Optimal Assignment of Bus Connections to Platform Stands yes no no
115 Jiří Hřebíček Masaryk University Dynamic Modelling Economic Equilibrium with Maple yes yes yes no
116 Tereza Ambler Department of Economics, University of Defence Brno Defense Expenditure and Economic Growth in Visegrad Group Countries: A Panel Data Analysis yes yes yes no
117 Michal Šmerek University of Defence A Special Type of Distribution Problems yes no no
118 Juraj Pekár Economics University in Bratislava Capacitated Routing Problem Depending on Vehicle Load yes yes yes no
119 Ladislav Beranek University of South Bohemia (USB) in Ceske Budejovice Price comparison sites and their influence on e-commerce processes yes yes yes no
120 Emília Draženská Technical University Solvability of interval max-plus matrix equations yes yes yes no
121 Grzegorz Sitek University of Economics in Katowice ON ESTIAMTION OF BI-LINER ORTHOGONAL REGRESSION PARAMETERS yes yes yes no
122 Tomas Subrt University of Life Sciences Prague Modification of the EVM by Scenarios yes yes yes no
123 Diana Bílková University of Economics, Prague Wages in the Czech Regions: Comparison and Wage Distribution Models yes yes yes no
124 Martina Kuncová University of Economics, Prague Optimization Model for the Employees’ Shifts Schedule yes yes yes no
125 Martina Košíková University of Presov in Presov Spa tourism in Slovakia - analysis of defined aspects yes yes yes no
126 Vojtěch Graf VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Transportation problem with degressively stepped costs yes yes yes no
127 Stanislav Palúch University of Žilina Optimal Inserting Depot Visits into Daily Bus Schedules yes yes yes no
128 Jiří Rozkovec KSY EF TUL DEA Models in Evaluation of Factors of Temporary Absence from Work in the Czech Republic yes yes yes no
129 Michal Cerny University of Economics, Prague Regression with interval-valued output data: Some limit properties yes yes yes no
130 Tomáš Majer University of Žilina Model of Passengers to Line Assigment in Public Municipal Transport yes yes yes no
131 Tomas Zuscak University of Hradec Kralove Oscillators and their usefulness in foreign exchange trading yes yes no
132 Tomáš Ťoupal University of West Bohemia Nonparametric Kernel Regression and Its Real Data Application yes yes yes no
133 Pavel Pražák University of Hradec Kralove Line Integral in Optimal Control Problems yes yes no
134 Jiří Hřebíček Masaryk University Möbius. Environment for learning mathematical modelling in economy yes yes no
135 Ondřej Badura VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Does Relative Income Have an Impact on the Consumption of Hungarian Households? yes yes yes no
136 Václav Finěk KMD FP TUL Implicit-explicit scheme combined with wavelets for pricing European options yes yes yes no
137 Blanka Šedivá University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Stability analysis of optimal mean-variance portfolio due to covariance estimation yes yes yes no
138 Daniela Ponce University of Hradec Králové Optimization of the virtual machine allocation problem yes yes no
139 Adrianna Mastalerz-Kodzis University of Economics in Katowice NEG methodology in socio-economic development and EU labour market research yes yes yes no
140 Adam P. Balcerzak Nicolaus Copernicus University TOPSIS with Generalized Distance Measure GDM in Assessing Poverty and Social Exclusion at Regional Level in Visegrad Countries yes yes yes no
141 Hana Marie Smrčková University of Economics, Prague Use of Simulation Methods for Evaluation of Alzheimer’s disease early detection in Czechia yes yes yes no
142 Vlasta Kaňková Institue of Information \heory and Automation of the CAS Optimal Value of Loans via Stochastic Programming yes yes yes no
143 Gabriele Torri University of Bergamo Systemic Risk and Community Structure in the European Banking System yes yes yes yes
144 Petra Vašaničová University of Presov On modelling the evolution of financial metrics in decision making unit in the electronics industries yes yes yes no
145 Jan Stoklasa Palacký University Olomouc Linguistic approximation of values close to the gain/loss threshold yes yes yes no
146 Tomáš Talášek Palacký University Olomouc Distance-based linguistic approximation methods: graphical analysis and numerical experiments yes yes yes no
147 Ondřej Mikulec VŠB-TUO Interpretation of Human Resource Management Data using Multiple Correspondence Analysis yes yes yes yes
148 Radek Hřebík FNSPE CTU in Prague Application of Kohonen SOM Learning in Crisis Prediction yes yes yes no
149 Michal Pietrzak Nicolaus Copernicus University Identification of the Direction of Changes in the Structure of Interdependence among the US Capital Market and the Leading European Markets yes yes yes no
150 Lenka Roubalová Mendel Univeristy in Brno On the relation of labour productivity, costs and unemployment in the EU countries yes yes yes no
151 Vladislav Bína University of Economics, Prague Study Results on Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec yes yes yes no
152 Ewa Pośpiech University of Economics in Katowice The Spatial Weight Matrices and their Influence on the Quality of Employment Spatial Models yes yes yes no
153 Michaela Staňková Mendel University in Brno Identification of bankruptcy factors for engineering companies in the EU yes yes yes no
154 Jana Heckenbergerova University of Pardubice Portfolio optimization for risk averse and risk seeking investor yes no no
155 Marek Pomp VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Using sweep algorithm for decomposing a set of vertices and subsequent solution of the traveling salesman problem in decomposed subsets yes yes yes no
156 Hana Skalska University of Hradec Kralove Solutions and Software for Breakpoints Detection Model in Series of Counts, Rates, or Proportions yes yes no
157 Alena Pozdílková University of Pardubice Spatial lag model for housing prices in Pardubice region yes no no
158 Roman Guliak VSB-Technical University of Ostrava EFFECTIVENESS AS A NEW FOCUS OF THE MAVT MCDM METHODS yes yes yes yes
159 Angelina Rajda-Tasior University of Economics in Katowice THE CONCEPT OF MIXED METHOD STUDY FOR RISK ASSESSMENT IN MANUFACTURING PROCESSES yes yes yes no
160 Ondrej Sokol University of Economics, Prague On estimation of parameters for mixture of unobservable normal distributions yes yes yes no
161 Alena Pozdílková Univerzity of Pardubice Regression Analysis of Mortgage Loans on Czech Banking Market yes no no
162 Zuzana Kiszová Silesian University in Opava Personnel evaluation – case study using additive pairwise comparisons and eigenvector method yes no no
163 Pavla Rotterová Palacký University Olomouc Decision Matrices under Risk with Fuzzy States of the World and Underlying Discrete Fuzzy Probability Measure yes yes yes no
164 Matej Mojzeš FNSPE CTU in Prague Bayesian Study on When to Restart Heuristic Search yes yes yes no
165 Jakub Fodor Masaryk University, Brno Unconventional monetary policy in a small open economy under inflation targeting regime yes yes yes no
166 Veronika Skocdopolova University of Economics, Prague Optimisation in a Wholesale Company: A Case Study yes yes yes no
167 Veronika Skocdopolova University of Economics, Prague Timetable Construction for a Village Small School yes yes yes no
168 Daniel Němec Masaryk University Modelling effective corporate tax rate in the Czech Republic yes yes yes no
169 Petra Tomanová University of Economics, Prague Measuring Co-movements Based on Quantile Regression using High-frequency Information: Asymmetric Tail Dependence yes yes yes no
170 Anna Janiga-Ćmiel University of Economics in Katowice COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF INFORMATION SOCIETY IN POLAND AND SELECTED COUNTRIES yes yes yes no
171 Marek Dvořák University of Economics, Prague Quantification of latent variables based on relative interaction between players yes yes yes no
172 Tłuczak Agnieszka Opole University The Fuzzy TOPSIS Method as a Tool for Identification level of agricultural development in EU countries yes no no
173 Oldřich Faldík Mendelova univerzita v Brně Modelling sustainable investment yes no no
174 Jitka Bartošová University of Economics, Prague Economic and social convergence and dynamics of EU countries in 2005 – 2014 yes no no
175 Lucie Chytilová VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Comparison of efficiency results for financial institutions using classical DEA model and StoNED model yes yes yes no
176 Dušan Bednařík University of Hradec Kralove On an Expert Advisor based on RSI technical indicator yes no no
177 Rafał Kucharski University of Economics in Katowice Modified Transportation Problem yes yes yes no
178 Jiří Franek VSB - Technical University of Ostrava The Efficiency Improvement of selected Czech industries in 2008 - 2015 yes no no
179 Veronika Končiková Masaryk University The possibility of export competition between China and V4 countries yes no no
180 Miroslav Rada University of Economics, Prague Comparison of halfspace depth and DEA models: empirical study yes no no
181 Ján Plavka Technical University of Košice Efficient algorithms for X-simplicity and weak (X,lambda)-robustness of fuzzy matrices yes yes yes no
182 Beata Gavurova Technical University of Kosice The effect of the deaths from chronic ischaemic heart disease versus acute coronary syndrome on life expectancy among the Slovak population yes yes yes no
183 Tatiana Polonyankina University of Economics, Prague Mosaic Plots for Data Visualisation: A Case Study for Spanish Labour Market yes no no
184 Ludek Benada Masaryk University Hedging effectiveness of fossil fuels yes no no
185 Marcin Faldzinski Nicolaus Copernicus University Backtesting Value-at-Risk for multiple risk levels: a general multivariate procedure yes yes yes no
186 Mehdi Toloo Technical University of Ostrava A DEA approach for selecting performance measures in presence of negative data yes yes yes no
187 Michal Houda University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice On modelling company productivity by the data envelopment analysis yes no no
188 Martin Murín Masaryk University Can Shifts in Public Debt Structure Influence Economic Growth of Advanced Economies? yes yes yes yes
189 Josef Košťálek CTU in Prague Using mathematical models for solving logistical problem distributing objects yes no no
190 Renata Dudzińska-Baryła University of Economics in Katowice Diversification problem in mean-variance-skewness portfolio models yes yes yes no
191 Ewa Michalska University of Economics in Katowice Comparison of rankings of decision alternatives based on the omega function and the prospect theory yes yes yes no
192 Katarína Rebrošová VSB-TU Ostrava Typology of consumers from Generation Y according to approach to the theatre yes yes yes yes
193 Jaroslav Schürrer Czech Technical University in Prague Wavelet Concepts in stock prices analysis yes yes yes yes
194 Miloš Kopa Charles University in Prague SD portfolio enhancement with and without short sales yes no yes no
195 Pavel Gežík Economics University in Bratislava Scheduling of the vehicles in the Clarke and Wright savings algorithm yes no no
196 Anna Jędrzychowska Wroclaw University of Economics Estimating the level of individual and common consumption in households in Poland yes no no
197 Radko Kříž University of Hradec Kralove Chaos in Forex yes no no
198 Shinji Mochida University of Marketing and Distribution Science Research on probabilistic risk evaluation of business system development Project Based on Requirements Analysis yes yes no

Abstract must have at least 900 characters (spaces included) and not contain images or mathematical formulas.

List of passive participants

ID Participant name University Payment received
901 Dušan Teichmann Institut dopravy, VŠB-TU Ostrava yes
902 Donata Kopańska-Bródka University of Economics in Katowice yes
904 Pawel Rokita Wroclaw University of Economics
905 Miroslav Plevný University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Economics
906 Eva Stichhauerova Technical University of Liberec yes
907 Šárka Michalcová VŠB-TU Ostrava yes
908 Denisa Mocková Czech Technical University in Prague yes
909 Tomáš Šubrt Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague yes
910 Kateřina Mičudová Fakulta ekonomická, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni yes
911 Miroslav Vavroušek Technical University of Liberec yes
912 Lucie Váchová University of Economics, Prague yes
913 Petr Kučera Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze yes
914 Jan Daněk Technical University of Ostrava yes
915 Jan Öhm Technical University of Liberec yes
916 Stanislava Dvořáková Vysoká škola polytechnická Jihlava yes
917 Aleš Kocourek Technická univerzita v Liberci yes
918 prof. Ramík Univerzita Opava yes
919 Jenčová Sylvia Prešovská univerzita yes
920 Zuzana Chvátalová Vysoké účení technické v Brně yes
921 Pozdílková Alena Univerzita Pardubice
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