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Social programme and conference trip

Option A - Archeopark Všestary and The War of 1866 Museum at Chlum

Archeopark Všestary - an original three-story exhibition, but also an open-air museum about the life of prehistoric people. This complex for your entertainment and education concentrates on replicas of artifacts from all periods of prehistory, models, virtual reality, tactile exposition, information boards, construction of buildings in 1:1.

The War of 1866 Museum at Chlum – an area of the historic battlefield with hundreds of artistic monuments and memorials. The surrounding of the museum can be also admired from a nearby lookout tower - the largest military engagement in Bohemia and Moravia of the 19th century. All of this is documented in the exhibition of the War of 1866 Museum at Chlum.

Option B – The Museum of Nativity Scenes in Třebechovice and Open-Air Museum Krňovice

The Museum of Nativity Scenes in Třebechovice - is a professional workplace specializing in the documentation of static and mechanical cribs. Probošt´s Mechanical Christmas Crib is the only crib in the Czech Republic, which was declared a national cultural monument in 1999.

Open-Air Museum Krňovice - Podorlický Open-Air Museum Krňovice is the only museum of this kind in Hradec Králové region. It comprises architectural and technical monuments of Hradec Králové region, in the foothills of the Eagle and Giant Mountains.

Because of the low interest of the participants, the Option B is canceled.

Option C – Kuks

Kuks Hospice - was founded by Count František Antonín Špork in the early 18th century as the resting place of retired soldiers who were looked after by the Order of the Brothers of Mercy. It is an important Baroque monument whose appearance was shaped by the first-class artists: primarily, by architect Giovanni Batista Alliprandi and sculptor Matthias Bernard Braun. The complex of Kuks Hospital is famous for the monumental church of the Holy Trinity, a cycle of wall paintings the Dance of Death, allegories of Virtues and Vices and one of the oldest pharmacies - The Pomegranate.

Option D – Hradec Králové – attractions of the city, its history and monuments

It is a guided tour around the historical city center during which you will see a system of walls, the White Tower, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, a brewery, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Museum of East Bohemia, Masaryk Square, the Power Station Hučák, Jirásek Park, and UHK campus. It will take approximately two hours.

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The registration for social programme and conference trip can be done at the page Conference fee by means of conference registration system.

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