Už se stalo jakýmsi nepsaným pravidlem (s trochou nadsázky by se dalo říci dokonce „tradicí“), že každoročně dorazí několik zahraničních stážistů na Institut moderních informačních technologií (dále jen IMIT) na FIMu.

Z leva do prava: Aleš Vokál, Konstantinos Ntoutsos-Oikonomou, Jirka Červený, Michal Macinka, Jalil Hajouji Idrissi, Fabien Bloume A dole: Honza Budina, Guillaume Villemont

Tito studenti zde získávají zkušenosti nejen s nejmodernějšími virtualizačními a cloudovými technologiemi, ale v poslední době i mikropočítači Raspberry Pi nebo počítačovou grafikou. Na druhou stranu pro FIM je přínosem zvýšení podílu zahraničních studentů na studiu, prohlubování internacionalizace a spolupráce se zahraničními institucemi.

Tyto stáže probíhají od roku 2011 a od té doby se zájem o ně stále zvyšuje. Poslední roky musíme zájemce dokonce odmítat, protože na institutu zkrátka nemáme tolik volných židlí, kolik bychom potřebovali. Pohled na pobyt v Česku očima zahraničních studentů vám nyní nabízíme v následujících odstavcích.

Ntoutsos-Oikonomou Konstantinos:

My name is Konstantinos-Ntoutsos Oikonomou and I am from Greece. From 1st of March and until the end of June I am doing my internship at the Institute of Modern Information Technologies. I study  Electronical Computer Systems Engineering in Athens in the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences.  Its my first time in Czech Republic. I came on the beginning of September for studies and I prolonged my stay for another 6 months. All in all I am really satisfied and everything is exactly as I was expecting them.  The cost of life is cheaper then Greece, about 30% and high in quality which makes it perfect for me.

I choose FIM because it’s one of the most well-known universities here in Czech Republic. The infrastructure is amazing and the teaching process is well planned and great!

Here in IMIT dpt, I am working on different kind of things. First of all I setted up the server and the new website of the dpt. Also I am working on a series of projects with micro computers. Meanwhile I am reading about new research trends that can help us improve things here in FIM and I am providing consultation for email campaigns or graphic design when needed.

My co-workers are great! From the first day everyone here in IMIT made me feel welcomed and I fastly adjusted. My supervisor Cerveny Jiri provided me with all the necessary information in order to start right away my productive work.

Everything is as I was expecting it. I definitely feel that my stay is a benefit for my future!

In my free time I prefer to travel, sit outside for a nice traditional Czech meal, go for walks near the river.

Jalil Hajouji Idrissi:

My name is Jalil Hajouji. I am 20 years old, I am from Morocco but I study in Lille, France in an engineering school: Telecom Lille.  It’s been six weeks I have been in Hradec Králové.

I do my internship in the IMIT, informatics service of the Faculty of Informatics and Management. It’s actually my first time in Czech Republic. My first impression from the Czech is that people here are very kind and open-mind. The weather here is nice, sunny most of the time in contrary in Lille where most of the time it’s raining. Moreover, services here are cheaper.

I wanted to come in this university because first it relates with what I study in my school. I wanted to come to Czech Republic to discover a new country and a new culture. I wanted to improve also my level in English talking with other people.

I feel very good in a working group IMIT, people are very cool and nice. When we are stuck on something, they can help us, there is no pressure. I think that’s a very good experience to be here.

Guillaume Villemont:

My name is Guillaume VILLEMONT, I come from France. I study at Polytech Lille, an engineer school from northern France. I study computer science and electronic to build embedded devices.

I am here for a two-month internship at IMIT department to create network and help develop graphic design object to build a video game. I had to do an internship in a foreign country and I already came to Hradec Králové. So I ask Jiří for his last seat in the office.

I already came to Hradec Králové last year, and I feel the same way when I came back this year. It is a peaceful city, where I like to live few months. Life here is cheaper than in France and people are kind. I love working in the IMIT office. There is a good ambiance, everyone take care of us and discussions are easy even if we don’t speak the same language. In a general way Czech people want us to discover their country. It is nice to see that. This internship is a good experience for me. I improve my English skills and discover a different way of life.

Fabien Bloume:

My name is Fabien Bloume, I’m 21 and I come from Lille, a city located in the north of France. I study engineering in the field of telecommunications, I’m on the second year out of 5 in Télécom Lille, my school.

The first time I visited Czech Republic was last year to visit some friends during the summer, and this is where a love story with the country began. In just one year, I’ve travelled 5 times to Czech Republic. Czech Republic is a fascinating country for its beautiful cities, for all the very nice events that keeps happening on a daily basis across the country, and most importantly the people. The young generation keeps impressing me, I’ve made so many friends and nice meetings here. Even people who cannot talk a word of English, they would try their best to communicate, present you to their relatives and give you a warm welcome. That is something I could have never expected, I keep meeting those people every time I come back to Czech Republic.

I feel like Czech people are very good at living in the moment, and this is what seduces me a lot.

As we need to talk of the downsides, apart from the fact that the older generation is usually less welcoming to foreigners, I would say that the biggest shock is the first meeting for someone. It’s funny and yet uncomfortable to meet someone for the first, and say ‘ahoj’ with a 1-meter distance. Luckily, it usually happens only once because the next time, they would hug you. We are so used to a much more intimate way to say hello in France, with ‘la bise’, where we can kiss on the cheeks, first meeting or not.

I chose the IMIT department after the positive feedbacks from some friends who have been there earlier, and I am really happy to be there. The premises are wonderful, everything is new, good-looking and it’s really a perfect place to study and learn. It becomes even better, the equipment is just perfect and working like a charm. I have all the resources I need thanks to the IMIT team.

The team is very talented and receptive. They are very nice on a daily basis and gave us a great welcome.

I am very happy to be able to study on a cloud environment, Microsoft Azure, and try out all the possibilities I need and want, it will definitely help me for my studies, and for my professional career.

As a conclusion, Czech Republic is right now a perfect place for me to study, learn, grow as an individual, and enjoying the countless very nice events on my free time.

Jiří Červený
Institut moderních informačních technologií

Na snímku: Stojící z leva doprava: Aleš Vokál, Konstantinos Ntoutsos-Oikonomou, Jirka Červený, Michal Macinka, Jalil Hajouji Idrissi, Fabien Bloume, dole z leva do prava: Honza Budina, Guillaume Villemont